Rockin’ the Moon


Rockin’ the Moon is part of a new daily watercoloring series that I’m creating. The new series pieces are developed on half sheets of Rives BFK or heavy watercolor paper.


Working Through the Dream


Working Through the Dream is #15 in my series of Watercoloring Daily. Each piece is 10″ x 10″ (my scanner is only 9″ wide, so they appear as rectangles). This piece actually started as watercolor drawing of a figure and an animal, but I didn’t like it, so I kept pushing it until something happened with it. I’m liking this a lot now.

The Vision


All of these Watercoloring Daily series pieces are 10″ x 10″ but my scanner bed is only 9″ wide, so they appear as rectangular formats instead of squares. In this piece, a figure reappears looking very much like one of the figures that I used to paint in my “The Women Go Walking” series.

Cahir Castle


This is #9 in my series of daily watercolor paintings. It’s an under-painting (work-in-progress) of my friend Yvette sitting in the window of Cahir Castle in Ireland. I’m working from a photo, but I don’t like to trace. I drew the image lightly and erased as much of the line as possible before beginning to work in the watercolor. This piece, although small, will take a little more time because I don’t want it to have that cut-out look. Sometimes staying loose is harder than working tightly!