Watercolor Roxie


Roxie as a watercolor image.



This is a photo of Pablo, our sweet dog (named after Pablo Picasso). I take a lot of photos & sometimes I like to play with them in Photoshop. Here’s the result–kinda funky!

Upside Down


This is the very first of the series of Upside Down, Downside Up drawings. All of this series are ink pen with watercolor. There are six pieces in the series, one of which is on stretched watercolor paper over canvas stretchers. One was a tribute to my late friend Terry Hershey, an artist and an exceptional person. One of the series, Things with Wings, has a very specific theme.

Upside Down & Downside Up


This image, Upside Down & Downside Up, never shoots well. It’s part of a series of drawings with watercolor that I’ve completed over several years. Bob and I have a show coming up together in the MAD Gallery first Thursday of December, and I’ll be showing this series–all together for the first time.