The Vision


All of these Watercoloring Daily series pieces are 10″ x 10″ but my scanner bed is only 9″ wide, so they appear as rectangular formats instead of squares. In this piece, a figure reappears looking very much like one of the figures that I used to paint in my “The Women Go Walking” series.

Cahir Castle


This is #9 in my series of daily watercolor paintings. It’s an under-painting (work-in-progress) of my friend Yvette sitting in the window of Cahir Castle in Ireland. I’m working from a photo, but I don’t like to trace. I drew the image lightly and erased as much of the line as possible before beginning to work in the watercolor. This piece, although small, will take a little more time because I don’t want it to have that cut-out look. Sometimes staying loose is harder than working tightly!