Landscape with Birds


This is a line drawing of one of my Starhorse images (I have a little series of these). I’m using it for a few t-shirts to be printed up and given to family members, and I’ll have one on at my booth–“for the Love of Horses”– in Evergreen, Colorado at the Summer Fest, July 20-21. Drop by and see me! Lots of artwork for sale!



Palomino is a mixed media drawing (watercolor, crayon, on butcher paper) of my new horse Trigger. This looks a little cartoony, but Trigger’s eyes are very large and he always looks curious and attentive. He’s possibly 18 years old (no one really knows how old he is), but he has a wonderful spirit and love attention.

detail Twist & Shout


detail of Twist & Shout, a watercolor on half sheet of watercolor paper. I was attempting to work completely non-objective, something that I haven’t done in awhile, but somehow, that little fish worked his way into the painting! We’ll see what happens to him.

Watercolor Techniques, a workshop presented by me and sponsored by the Union Arts Council, is this Saturday, July 13th in Farmerville, Louisiana. If you haven’t signed up, but would like to, contact me at:

Big Dog


Big Dog is an ACEO, “Artist Card Editions & Originals.” There’s only one rule for ACEO’s: the artwork must be 2.5″ x 3.5″, so any media goes. This image was part of the Flower Power challenge created by a group of artists a year or more ago, so I no longer have the original. I just happened upon the image stored on my computer, so I thought I’d publish here.