Endless Meadows

“Endless Meadows” (dry pastel on sand paper; 9″ x 12″

I’ve been needing a change, a new direction, something more from my art. I told Bob that I wanted to work realistically. He said “What you mean is you need discipline.” Ha Ha! I think he’s right. So, for awhile, I’ll be exploring realism, maybe even contemporary impressionism. This little piece is a work-in-progress, just started today, hopefully finished soon. The composition is from my own photographic reference, taken just outside of Ruston.

Green Carousel

“Green Carousel” (ink drawing; digital color) 6″ x 6″ drawing on paper.

I’ve been a little fascinated with digital color application for over two years now. This little ink drawing has hatch marks (linear value) and when I drop digital color in an area, it spreads unevenly. I’m not a digital artist, just someone who learned to drop color into shapes–enjoying the outcome, especially when it’s unpredictable.