“Unraveled” (watercolor on half sheet watercolor paper)

My watercolors are almost never traditional…well, never actually. I’ve tried to create beautiful, traditional watercolor paintings, but I get bored easily and finding things in a painting that weren’t there in the beginning keeps me going and keeps me happy. There are two ballerinas in this piece (for some reason, no one sees them at first). There are trees and a road and a moon…all intertwined together, while unraveling at the same time. Like life…it entwines…unravels…reveals.

Hearts & Flowers & Horses

“Hearts & Flowers & Horses” (watercolor on Yupo paper; 10″ x 13″)

Yupo is a very slick-surfaced paper, and you either love it or hate it. I enjoy working on it, but it can be frustrating. Apply a brushstroke, then again, and it changes completely. It never seems to stay put…but that’s the surprise I like.