Horse of Gold


“Horse of Gold” (watercolor on paper, 10″ x 7″). In this piece, I’m playing with negatives even within the body of the horse. The image is not meant to be realistic. It’s a symbol, a shape, representing the energy of a horse (an imaginary horse). The painting method includes wet-into-wet watercolor and wet on dry. The color is simplified because, as always in my work, drawing is foremost, color is secondary. This piece may be purchased on my website or through  contacting me

Ink Horse


While going through mounds of papers/receipts for taxes, I found this little drawing (4.75″ x 6.25″). It’s done in brush and ink. I had tossed it aside some time ago, but it pranced right back to me! I also found a pair of earrings I’d been looking for, an original ACEO, and lots of small pieces of drawing paper.

White Pony


White Pony is a small watercolor painting (8″ x 8″) on heavy watercolor paper. A couple of days ago, my mare Roxie and her pasture-mates were kicking up their heels and running and playing. It was freezing out, but they seemed to know something we didn’t. As I drove back home, I saw that several horses in the area were doing the same thing. I think they know spring is very near, and we’re seeing the last of the bitter cold. I’m pretty sure they were celebrating!

Dreaming of Riding Again


Dreaming of Riding Again is a small (3-1/2″ x 5″) watercolor on watercolor paper. I’m under doctor’s orders to do no riding, no grooming, no “messing” with my horses until the end of January. It’s depressing, so I’m left to dream about being able to ride my big-headed Roxie girl once again.