Hearts & Flowers & Horses

“Hearts & Flowers & Horses” (watercolor on Yupo paper; 10″ x 13″)

Yupo is a very slick-surfaced paper, and you either love it or hate it. I enjoy working on it, but it can be frustrating. Apply a brushstroke, then again, and it changes completely. It never seems to stay put…but that’s the surprise I like.

The Heart Knows…


“The Heart Knows what the Heart Wants” (watercolor on paper, pulled around wooden stretcher); 10.5″ x 10.5″

This little piece was 15″ x 21″. It’s been drawn on, painted on, re-painted on, turned upside-down, turned downside up, and never seemed to quite work. I’m finally happy with it cropped and pulled around a stretcher. “The Heart Knows…” is winging its way to the National Association of Women Artists, New York, for their “Champagne Celebration Fundraiser.” Hope it sells & helps a little with the fundraiser.

Heart & Release


“Heart & Release” is #19 of my 2016 “Daily Something” series. It is 4″ x 7″and although small, took several hours to complete (mixed media: ink, India ink, & acrylic on Rives BFK). This series always begins with some sort of mark-making and leads eventually to a non-predetermined place.

Heart Flight


Heart Flight, small format art (11-1/2″ x 8-1/2″), watercolor on handmade paper. This image is part of my ongoing series of heart drawings, exploring the heart shape as an artistic symbol.

The heart has wonderlust and wanderlust

it is simple in its needs

yet bold in what it captures and surrenders