1/3 of a larger piece (22″ x 30″), ink on tan paper.

I’ve worked on this piece over two years at least. It’s one of those things that I return to and add to, wondering when it will be finished.

I guess I’ll know when it tells me.


Upside Down

This is an older drawing from 2013. It’s an ink drawing with watercolor, a way of working that I still love to do.

I put pen to paper and draw, allowing whatever images to evolve. “Upside Down, Downside Up” is on paper, approximately 14″ x 20″.

As the River Flows…


“As the River Flows” is too long for my scanner. The drawing is 15″ x 3″, an ink drawing on heavy paper with watercolor. It’s an image of a totem, something I’ve been exploring lately. This totem has a bird singing at the top, as the bells ring, and the river flows through it. It’s also part of a series of works titled River of Hope.