Leatherhead Lake

    Leatherhead Lake, Eureka Springs, AR (oil on panel; painted from on-site watercolor study)

  Leatherhead Lake, Eureka Springs, AR (watercolor on paper; plein air)

Guardians of the Vineyard

“Guardians of the Vineyard” (oil on panel; 5″ x 7″)

I’ve recently returned to oils, after an avid interest in plein air. This little piece is done in studio from my own references.

Living on the Vine

“Living on the Vine” (ink drawing with digital color)

This is a very tiny drawing on paper (4″ x 5″) created while riding in a car — makes for nice, squiggly lines.

“Living on the Vine” was created after visiting Santa Fe. It was beautiful with amazing architecture and plants.