Things are Looking Up


Things are Looking Up (ink drawing w/digital color), part of my “Daily Something” series. With this piece, I forced myself to use markings that I don’t usually use, and what showed up are arrows, wavy shapes, rotating squares, and tear drops. As I was adding the digital color, I wanted the happiness at the top and sadness at the bottom. Upon finishing the piece, I realized I had it upside down with the majority of arrows pointing down!

So, I inverted it and found that I liked the composition much better. With a few tweaks, the reds/pinks (happiness) is shown moving into and taking over the blues/grays (sadness). That’s why I love art — the unpredictable surprises!

The Other Fish in the Pond


The Other Fish in the Pond, ink pen w/digital color (8-1/2″ x 5″) is part of my “Daily Something” series. At this point, I have approximately 40 drawings in the series. Many drawings didn’t make it into the series for reasons I need not mention. There are several symbols that I repeat in my drawings, including fish, hearts, circles, swirls, and triangles. Whenever there are three of something, three of anything, that represents my two sisters and me.