Things are Looking Up


Things are Looking Up (ink drawing w/digital color), part of my “Daily Something” series. With this piece, I forced myself to use markings that I don’t usually use, and what showed up are arrows, wavy shapes, rotating squares, and tear drops. As I was adding the digital color, I wanted the happiness at the top and sadness at the bottom. Upon finishing the piece, I realized I had it upside down with the majority of arrows pointing down!

So, I inverted it and found that I liked the composition much better. With a few tweaks, the reds/pinks (happiness) is shown moving into and taking over the blues/grays (sadness). That’s why I love art — the unpredictable surprises!

The Other Fish in the Pond


The Other Fish in the Pond, ink pen w/digital color (8-1/2″ x 5″) is part of my “Daily Something” series. At this point, I have approximately 40 drawings in the series. Many drawings didn’t make it into the series for reasons I need not mention. There are several symbols that I repeat in my drawings, including fish, hearts, circles, swirls, and triangles. Whenever there are three of something, three of anything, that represents my two sisters and me.

Plein Air painting at Landry Vineyard

Landry Winery, plein air painting (watercolor on paper, 8″ x 8″). WAG (Women Artists Group) did a little plein air at the Landry Winery yesterday. The weather was perfect, and the landscape was lovely.

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