White Pony


White Pony is a small watercolor painting (8″ x 8″) on heavy watercolor paper. A couple of days ago, my mare Roxie and her pasture-mates were kicking up their heels and running and playing. It was freezing out, but they seemed to know something we didn’t. As I drove back home, I saw that several horses in the area were doing the same thing. I think they know spring is very near, and we’re seeing the last of the bitter cold. I’m pretty sure they were celebrating!

How to Grow a Heart


I’ve been designing a lot lately with hearts or heart shapes. It’s February and maybe that’s one reason, but another is because I love the shape of the symbol of love. I wanted to see if I could create images or paintings with heart shapes without making it seem trite. Not sure I’m successful, but it makes to happy to create them, so off I go. How to Grow a Heart is a small ink drawing (4″ x 6-1/2″) with watercolor on paper.

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